What are some harmless medicines to cure hair fall?

Answer by Nature Crazy:

Genes just determine a supsceptivity towards thinning and hair loss. The field of epigenetics (which was a direct result of the work carried out at the human genome project) demonstrates that while the DNA in our make-up remains fixed the epigenome continually responds to our diet and living conditions, enabling an entire alteration in genetic expression. Just because you have hair loss genes does not necessarily mean you'll go bald. You just need to work harder.

In other words, following a healthy diet while utilizing a few key natural supplements proven through science will be critical for those with hair fall.

Ecklonia Cava is the most multifaceted natural supplement you can add to your daily hair loss routine. It can stimulate hair growth, prevent hair follicle death, and reduce DHT activity in a natural way. Research has also found that the enzyme responsible for hair and skin follicle degradation, Matrix Metallopretianse-9, is greatly inhibited by Ecklonia Cava. And last but certainly not least it even helps improve blood pressure and circulation which can aid in the condition of your hair. Here is a link to the hair growth study.

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What are some harmless medicines to cure hair fall?