Our Mission

Nature Crazy is on a mission to transform the hair health of millions all across the world and has already helped a numerous amount do so. We are thankful that you have made a decision to take action against your hair problems with the help of safe and all-natural solutions for healing your hair and scalp complications. Since our inception as a company, we’ve been utilizing solely natural recipes for our products, and they’ve been in high demand ever since. They are widely regarded as being very effective in resolving hair and scalp issues for both males and females struggling from hair loss and scalp problems. We are also spearheading the Pro-hair health revolution, a movement inspiring people to say no to expensive surgeries and dangerous drugs while embracing a genuine natural approach to hair growth. We are fully committed to our customers, suppliers, and everyone seeking help. We take care that all our work is focused at making our products helpful to everyone. Welcome to the growing Nature Crazy family!


Join the pro hair health revolution and rid your bathroom of the toxic chemicals found in most cosmetic products. From the beginning, we have strived to provide something that no one else has and we firmly believed that enough hard work, commitment, and innovation would make our products safer, more effective, and just plain good for you. The truth is that many of us naturally assume that everything we find on the store shelves is going work for our hair and scalp. At the very least, we expect it to be safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. That’s why Nature Crazy always invests in natural, toxin-free, cutting-edge ingredients to develop products that you won’t find anywhere else.

We stand by the notion that everyone has the right to look and feel their very best, without having to worry about applying potentially harmful chemicals to their skin and scalp. The road to optimal hair health starts with what you are putting in and on your body. Thus, we only use the highest quality ingredients available in our line of products. You won’t see Sodium Lauryl Sulfate on any of our labels, for instance, because only the best natural ingredients have a place in our shampoos, skin lotions, and facial toners. All of the feel-good products from Nature Crazy are the result of extensive (and painstaking) trial and error in the pursuit to discover the perfect formula for your hair and skin. We are so committed to the cause that we take it a step further by prohibiting long term dandruff and hair loss sufferers from using our products for longer than six months. Why is that?

While most other companies would encourage you to keep on applying their creams and lotions indefinitely, we feel it is our responsibility to actually care about your well-being. We know that hair, scalp, and skin problems also stem from internal issues that should be addressed, and that once you do address these root causes you won’t have to be dependent on any product to maintain overall wellness. This decision has cost us countless sales over the years…but it’s worth it, because we know it’s the right thing to do. Another thing that sets us apart from many other companies is that we personally manufacture the inclusions that are in all of our shampoo products. We are proud to take credit for all of the ingredients that leave your hair feeling and looking thicker than ever before. We have taken this upon ourselves primarily because we think it’s the only way to achieve the perfect feel and hair growth profile that you’ve come expect from Nature Crazy.

The bottom line is that we recognized the need to end the reign of chemical-laden cosmetics and hair care products, and we did it by putting our thinking caps on and relying on innovation, research, and a whole lot of hard work to apply cutting edge science to novel, natural ingredients. As scientific advancements bring us new solutions to common problems, you can count on Nature Crazy to pass the latest and greatest natural products on to you. It’s our job to bring you the most exhilarating, mind-blowing, life-changing hair care products that make you and your scalp feel great again…and we take that job seriously.

Our Approach

Wigs, toupees, and comb overs are just futile attempts to hide our thinning. Worse yet, they make us look desperate, as though we are trying to cover up some secret shame. We have all seen products that accentuate hair thickness in an effort to conceal the thinning, or men who walk around wearing hair pieces to try to look younger. They are not certainly not fooling anybody…not even themselves! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, please give me the opportunity to ask a few questions: Who decided you had to go bald and lose hair in the first place? What do you think about honoring your own hair and wearing it with pride? Instead of trying to hide who you are, why not become a role model for others by agreeing to an uplifting, joyful, and healthy mindset towards your body, yourself, and your hair?

 There is one key thing to remember here, which is that your genetic code just determines your SUSCEPTIBILITY towards thinning and hair loss. There are a number of different ways that you can interrupt the process naturally, no matter what type of hair loss you suffer from. Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium and Hereditary hair loss can all be treated without relying on harmful chemicals. If you give it some careful thought, your hair tells your life story. Every centimeter represents a snapshot from your personal past. The story of Samson and Delilah is a perfect example of the shared anxiety both women and men have of losing their hair. It also gives us a good indication of how closely our hair is attached to our own individuality and identity. Isn’t it about time that we stop trying to hide our hair loss and start revealing the natural beauty we were born with!

 Ultimately, it’s your decision to put an end to the hair loss and start regrowing thicker, fuller hair. You have the inner strength and wisdom that it takes. The question is, are you ready to take that first all-important step?

We recognize every person wants to feel good, to be seen, noticed, and respected.

Men and women, regardless of their age or hair loss condition, should be able to pursue their own version of happiness. Sadly, when people begin to bald this fact becomes a myth. They think that they aren’t going to be worthy of attention or that others won’t find them attractive. This is because we are taught to associate hair with beauty and self-value. From early childhood, many of us are told that thinning hair is something to be ashamed of, and that wearing a wig or getting a hair transplant is the only way to be happy and whole.

 Unfortunately, this societal belief haunts us for the rest of our lives. The minute a bald spot shows up, men begin to panic and recall the “sage advice” that they were told all those years before. They immediately hop onto the “cure-all” cream and prescription drug bandwagon, in a vain attempt to fight the war against hair loss. Rogaine is their ammunition, and hair implants are their back-up battle plan. Others resort to wearing wigs or toupees to make themselves feel and look younger.

All of these measures are simply a waste of time and money. In some cases, they may even compromise your health. Don’t misunderstand. I can totally sympathize with those who have a desire to look more youthful and grow back their hair. I’m VERY familiar with what it really feels like to have almost no hair. I want attention. I want to be attractive as well. I want to be valued too. Then again, I don’t believe the solution to get that is to hide your lack of hair. How about taking these points of view into our own hands by first challenging the status quo, and changing the way we view hair care and health. Covering up your hair loss only devalues your inner beauty and doesn’t really get to the root cause of the problem.

I’m not the type of person that wants to wear a wig or pay for hair transplantation. I won’t use drugs that won’t get the job done with hair loss at an expense to my health. I’m going to look healthy and fantastic. I desire to look like me. What about you? Isn’t it about time that we all started turning our backs on harmful chemicals and drugs that are supposed to help our hair loss, but only end up disappointing us (or worse) in the end? Aren’t you tired of wearing a wig or hair piece to cover up your thinning or balding, when you’d really rather be remedying the cause? You are in charge of your own happiness, just as you are in charge of your own hair loss. So, take that first step by ditching the defunct treatments and trying out our natural hair care products and following our natural methods for returning your hair back to normal.

Having fun with and being confident with your hair can be a real pleasure. Your hair tells a wonderful story. Why hide it? Just regrow it. Nature Crazy.