De-Bug Lice Shampoo

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100% Natural Lice Shampoo


  • No Poisons, No Pesticides, No Harsh Chemicals.
  • 100% non-toxic and Biodegradable.
  • Proven Effective. Lice have No Resistance.
  • Safe for Infants and Children.
  • Safe for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers.
  • Gentle and Safe enough for Everyday Use.
  • Effective against Pesticide Resistant Super Lice.
  • Keeps Nit Glue Soft for easy Removal.
  • Based entirely Natural Enzymes derived from plant extracts.
  • Super-sized to treat the whole family. A total of 20oz of product is included!
  • Used by many school districts for over a decade.

Pesticide Research?

Head Lice have adapted to resist the effects of pesticides and poisons that used to kill them.  Journal of British Dermatology (1999)

Up to 40% of American Lice survive pesticide treatments. Lice that survive one pesticide will likely survive others. What we need are new treatment methods.  Miami University ty/Panama 10 yr study (2000 Update)

Over -the-counter insecticides have proven effective in only 28% of head l ice tested.  Burkhart CGCG, Burkhart CT J. Cutan Medical Surg. 2000

There are American Head Lice that are not susceptible to the most frequently used pesticides. If you have permethrin resistant lice, try something else.  School of Public Health Harvard University (1999)

Pesticides only kill 20% of the lice eggs (nits). Up to 80% survive.  James Cook University (1999)

What's Included

  • Debug Lice Shampoo - Large 16oz bottle
  • Debug Lice Oil - 4oz bottle
  • Steel Nit Comb
  • Four Plastic Shower Caps
  • Spray Nozzle for Shampoo Bottle


  • Water
  • Natural Enzymes
  • Salt

If you have ever asked your the question of how to get rid of head lice, you are not alone. Millions suffer from the hair lice pest worldwide. There are several issues to consider.  First, many folks have become very hesitant to apply pesticides to their children's head. They are correct to worry. Pesticides are readily absorbed though the scalp and skin into the user's body. Lice removal can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be dangerous too! The second problem is that lice have become resistant to most pesticides. Pesticides are dangerous, and often they don't even work.

Thankfully our Organic Lice Shampoo offers another option for organic lice treatment. For decades, the Natural Enzymes in the Nature Crazy natural head lice treatment product has been used to provide a nature lice remedy and an answer the question: how to get rid of head lice naturally?


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We at Nature Crazy urge you to try out our natural lice treatment products. We know you will love these products so much that we back it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Give them a try today!