A.A. Daily and Nightly Tonic Bundle

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This 3 month program is designed to help regulate the hair shedding cycle back to normal for people who have thinning hair due to shock, stress, hormonal problems, nutrition deficiencies, or any other kind of Alopecia Areata hair loss. Our natural formula feeds the roots and energizes the hair follicle reducing daily hair fall while stimulating healthy hair regrowth.


It comes with instant downloadable access to our Alopecia Areata regrowth book where you’ll learn how to effectively remove the AA trigger and create an ideal internal environment for hair growth. This treatment program is highly recommended for first time AA sufferers.

Stop Alopecia Areata

The 3 month bundle consisting of the above mentioned products is available for sale at just $249.99. Stop Alopecia Areata daily scalp treatment  when used in conjunction with the Stop Alopecia Areata nightly scalp treatment will help in repairing and revitalizing your hair follicles. If you are having hair loss because of telogen effluvium, the Just Patch Free Hair - Stop Alopecia Areata Daily and Nightly  scalp treatment will help you regain the density and volume back in your back without any side effects. The tonics are made using highly potent, 100% natural ingredients which will help in regenerating your hair follicles and will stimulate stronger hair growth. When used regularly in morning and during the night, as per the instructions, your hair will stop shedding and you’ll quickly grow back the hair that has already fallen out. Our daily and nightly tonics are designed to prevent dandruff which is caused by alopecia areata and supports hair growth. The treatments are nontoxic and they are effective for all hair types. Along with a three month supply of the daily and night hair repair treatments, you will also receive our eBook consisting of a five step program aimed at hair loss prevention for Alopecia Areata. With the help of the eBook you will be able to learn how you can control hair loss and how you can accelerate the re-growth of your hair in a totally healthy way.

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