Telogen Effluvium typically appears as a diffuse thinning of hair on the scalp. It can be a bit more severe in certain regions of the scalp than others. More often than not, the hair on top of the scalp tends to thin more than it does at the sides and back of the scalp. Save for a few rare chronic cases, there is usually no hair line recession, as is seen in male pattern baldness. Those suffering from TE never lose all their scalp hair entirely, but more extreme cases can lead to drastically thinning hair on the scalp. Though TE is often limited to the scalp region, TE can affect other areas (such the eyebrows or pubic region) in serious cases.

You should always remember that you will notice your Telogen effluvium related hair loss a lot easier than others. While your shedding may be quite detectable to you, others will not usually be able to notice your hair loss until there is a 50% loss in hair density. With that being said, however, any amount of hair reduction at any time in life can be a traumatic experience. Even those who experience hair loss as they age can be devastated by this event, which can lead to self confidence issues. When this significant hair loss takes place in a younger person or in women, these TE effects are further exacerbated.

A good way to cope with the hair loss is to focus only on the regrowth. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want or the amount of hair that has already been shed. Be specific and focus on what you want (i.e. to return to your normal hair growth cycle in 3 months). Positive affirmations will go a long way in helping you to overcome your TE, and to not become stressed or frustrated in the meantime. Just think: “I will have grown all my hair back in the next three months. Not only will it be back but it will be thicker than before!”

A great tip is to make a photo record of your hair growth or loss by taking a picture of your hair each and every month. There may be time when you are simply not satisfied with the speed of your hair regrowth and you find yourself staring in the mirror, studying your hair follicles and feeling depressed about how slow the process is (as many sufferers do). During these times, you need only pull out the pictures from the previous months or week. Pictures don’t lie, so you will be able to see that you actually have improved and that your TE may be subsiding.

Something that you should always keep in mind in order to either speed up the recovery process, and/or to make your Telogen Effluvium episode more bearable, is that it is fully reversible. As you go through this infliction on a daily basis, keep reminding yourself that your TE will come to an end and that it is fully reversible. The hair follicles are not permanently or irreversibly affected; there are just more hair follicles in a resting state than there should normally be. For more information on the best way to accelerating the regrowth process and to slow down the shedding is by utilzing Nature Crazy’s top 5 tips tips for reversing telogen effluvium.