My answer to What are the main reasons behind women's hair loss and how can one prevent it?

Answer by Nature Crazy:

Unfortunately, the vast majority of doctors still share the outdated belief that diet, hormones, and compromised body systems are unrelated to the etiology of hair loss. Many times, they will prescribe a topical drug or shampoo and send you on your way.

Stress and anxiety play a significant role in thinning hair loss and often goes overlooked. The simplest way to look at it is the more stressed you are the more cortisol rises, and everything become more sensitive with respect to androgen receptors. Inflammation becomes harder to combat, and a slurry of defenses are left unchecked and of little help against normal inflammation.

Review your recent life events over the past few years when you started shedding. Go over what has occurred and try to recall if there have been any possibly traumatic events that have taken place. Generally, stress or a traumatic incident can trigger hair loss. Also, new medications or dietary changes can as well. What about Acne medication? That can too. You might want to get your hormones tested since many women with hair loss issues have undiagnosed thyroid problems or a deficiency in Progesterone.

It’s always critical to use a topical aid to boost your hair and help alleviate the shedding until you get your body hormones under control. Your diet help your body from the inside out, and an effective topical directly addresses the scalp and hair from another front. Avoid chemicals and opt for a natural topical that does not create dependent hairs but rather stimulates and aids hair growth in a natural way. You may have heard that essential oils topically are effective against hair loss. Well this is true, these oils can work well and a recent scientific study even showed that Rosemary Essential Oil by itself outperformed Minoxidil which is the ingredient in the mainstream product Rogaine. (Here is a link to that study below.) You should consider adding it to your daily routine.

Also, avoid traditional shampoos and only use natural hair care products. You can probably pick out shampoo faster than it takes you to read our recommendations, but accidently snagging a bad one can strip your hair of protective oils, cause breakage, and even contribute to hair loss which means choosing one with no sulfates or parabens. This is especially true when you are suffering from diffuse thinning. It’s critical that you continue to wash every day to remove buildup so the new hair can easily come in. So really make sure to avoid sulfates and pick out a great shampoo. If you’re wondering what a good shampoo is anything with essential oils or coconut oil.

Keep in mind that reversing any type of damage in the body is a process, requiring a search into your whole body. What factors effecting one person's hair loss may not effect another which is why some people recover quicker than others. Discovering these factors and triggers can make all the difference. Every person has a unique biochemistry and specific set of problems, therefore which specific diet and supplements that will be most helpful can vary.

What are the main reasons behind women's hair loss and how can one prevent it?