My answer to What are the links between Finasteride and depression?

Answer by Nature Crazy:

Propecia also referred to as Finasteride is a common main stream hair loss treatment recommended by dermatologists and doctors for thinning hair. It prevents the formation of DHT by decreasing impeding 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. As a result, testosterone levels increase but so does excess estrogen which is not good for the body.

Excess Estrogen negatively impacts glucose metabolism, so the greater the amount of estrogen in a male, the more damaging effects on insulin sensitivity. This also explains why finasteride loses its punch as our Sex Hormone Binding Gobulin levels increase. Also because it impedes 5-alpha reductase in an unnatural way it affects the Gaba receptors in the brain which again can lead to side effects such as anxiety, depression, and brain fog.

According to the manufacturers of Propecia only 2% of people actually suffer from side effects, but actual person observation from both physicians, patients and even websites like or suggests that closer to 1 in 3 users will potentially develop some type of side effect. In fact, there are hundreds of law suits pending in courts across the United States against Merck for side effects in patients that have been deemed to be permanent.

If you want tips on reversing side effects associated with propecia check out our video here.…

What are the links between Finasteride and depression?