You may notice that your hair brush is filled with much more hair after your brush in the morning or that your pillow has many more strands than is usual for you. Also, your clothes may be covered in more hairs than is normal and, while washing your hair, you might notice that much more falls out in your hands. A common misconception about TE hair loss is that it will come out in big chunks or that you suddenly see handfuls of hair in your shower drain. That is not the case, however, and often the hair loss will merely appear as a gradual thinning of your hair, rather than a collection of more than a hundred strands falling out at once.

Following Nature Crazy’s top tips detailed here Nature Crazy’s Top 5 Tips For Reversing Telogen Effluvium Hair Loss is a perfect way to take proactive actions to stopping the shedding and accelerating the hair regrowth process.