Unfortunately, the vast majority of dermatologists still share the outdated belief that drug products like Rogaine will help people with their Telogen Effluvium. And the worst part about it is the majority of the ones recommending it literally have no idea how it even works! Minoxidil is the main ingredient marketed in many popular mainstream hair loss products such as Rogaine and works by opening up ATP potassium channels in the scalp. Unfortunately, the hair growth effect is short term as the only thing minoxidil is really doing is compensating for an improper sodium, potassium pump, which is regulated by magnesium and other co-factors.

In other words, Rogaine creates minoxidil dependent hairs meaning once you stop using the product your hair will start to fall out again assuming it worked at all. (Many Telogen Effluvium sufferers report increased shedding) This is a great deal for the makers of Rogaine but not so much for you in the long run. If you need any more of a reason to opt out of Minoxdil contemplate the potential side effects including skin reactions, dizziness, itching, extra body hair, premature skin aging, and changes to the texture or color of the existing hair.

Ultimately, you never want to be dependent on any type of Hair Growth product. You should consider them a temporary band aid while you work out and address the telogen effluvium triggers. A good alternative would be to opt for a natural topical that stimulates hair growth naturally without skewing a short-term hair growth signal. In this case, we wholly endorse Nature Crazy’s Daily And Nightly TE Hair Tonic’s which were specifically designed for those experiencing Telogen Effluvium hair loss. They contains a vast array of essential oils and other natural powerful ingredients that can help naturally thicken your hair and ease the shedding. In fact, a recent study showed that just one of our natural ingredients outperformed Minoxidil by itself! The difference is you can ween off our product once your hair is back to normal.

For the best results make sure to utilize our top 5 tips for reversing telogen effluvium so you cover the body from both fronts. Internally and external. (The hair)