Multiple Sclerosis, which is also known as (MS) is a disease of the immune system and is described as a problem in which the immune system destroys the protective sheath covering the nerves. This undertaking halts the communication between the brain, spinal cord and other regions of the body and may eventually advance to degradation of the nerves.
MS has long been thought of as one of medicines least understood diseases, but if you have been diagnosed don’t despair. There is emerging scientific evidence and new research studies coming out that have shown MS can be effectively treated and fully reversed. Recognizing the common causes and getting to the root cause as opposed to treating the symptoms has provided hope to those wishing to reverse the disease. In today’s video Nature Crazy goes over its Top 7 Tips for reversing Multiple Sclerosis naturally.

1. Supplement with vitamin D regularly. For those suffering from multiple sclerosis it’s absolutely critical to make sure you are getting enough vitamin D because the prevalence of MS increases in those living in the northern latitudes. Additionally, evidence from prospective studies on MS suggests an important role of vitamin D as a modifiable environmental factor in MS. In other words, supplementing with Vitamin D could play a critical role in the prevention, treatment, and reversal of MS. We recommend at least 10,000 iu’s a day and for those really lacking you might consider vitamin D injections starting at 100,00 iu to 200,00 a day.

2. Supplementing with a heavy metal detoxifier like Humifulvate on an ongoing regular basis will be very helpful in your recovery because mercury and other heavy metals actually play a large part in a bountiful amount of neurodegenerative diseases and MS is no exception. These heavy metals supplant the orderly, healthy molecules in the myelin sheaths, causing a rise in free radicals. The free radicals harm the myelin sheaths, and because the immune system recognizes the newly damaged tissue as foreign, it attacks it, leading to an autoimmune process that ultimately results in MS. A study found that elevated levels of inorganic mercury are found in these patients versus unaffected people so a regular detox routine to keep mercury and other heavy metals low in our bodies is an excellent way to stop and reverse these disorders and diseases. We recommend using the brand Immune Boost 77 on a daily basis since it’s a great natural detoxifier of heavy metals like mercury.

3. Consider supplementing with low doses of naltrexone regularly since there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence that in low doses it can prevent MS relapses as well as reduce the progression of the disease. It does so by modulating the immune system with the opioid receptor pathway, which is very effective for many autoimmune problems including MS. In layman terms this simply means it helps battle against inflammation. We recommend a quality source.

4. A recent study published by Lund University in Sweden shows a connection between increased permeability of the intestines and multiple sclerosis (MS) so supplementing with a quality probiotic that will help repair a leaky gut as well as enhance mucosal integrity will be a good idea. This is important to understand since the MS disease process is driven to a large degree by the ongoing stimulation of myelin sensitive immune cells by external proteins passing through a leaky gut. We recommend a quality brand once a day.

5. Deficiencies in essential fatty acids which are the building blocks of the nervous system and brain have been implicated in multiple sclerosis as well as a variety of other neurological disorders. MS is very common in Western countries where people consume large amounts of conventional meat, dairy products, and processed foods, all which are low in essential fatty acids. Recent studies have shown that MS patients given 10g of fish oil per day for 3 months exhibited significantly reduced levels of matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9), which is a factor correlated with disease progression. We recommend utilizing fish or Krill oil daily which are both great supplements for getting the proper amount of essential fatty acids in the diet.

6. Consider supplementing with Lecithin daily since it plays an important role in nerve cell nutrition and reduced levels were found in patients with multiple sclerosis. Lecithin is a basic component of the layer of myelin and the protecting sheath cells so if the amount of it decreases sever malfunctions in the body will occur. Lecithin prevents axonal demyelination (nerve degeneration), helps the proper functioning of neurons, the transfer of nerve impulses, stimulates all brain functions, and helps boosts memory and concentration, as well as the ability to maintain emotional balance. We recommend a quality brand daily.

7. A study demonstrated a compelling connection between fungal toxins and multiple sclerosis so make sure to remove yourself from toxic environments or remove the mold from your environment. If you suspect a mold problem exists in your living quarters a good method to kill it is to spray your home and car with thieves essential oil. To remove mold biotoxins from the body you can also supplement with cholestpure.

These are our top 7 recommendations for reversing MS. We hope that you've found the answers you were looking for and we also encourage you to check out the additional links at the bottom of the page to other helpful resources. If you want updates on cutting edge hair, skin, and health tips just subscribe to this video below and check out our website at Thanks for watching and have a great day.