Aside from being difficult to pronounce, not much analysis has been done to explain it, hence all the confusion that surrounds it. Though it is often mistaken for androgenic alopecia or genetic hair loss, Telogen Effluvium (also known as TE) is a type of stress related diffuse hair loss that has a variety of known causes.

The good news is you can treat telogen effluvium hair loss but you must address the original trigger and get to the root cause of the problem as opposed to trying to treat the symptoms. Keep in mind that reversing any type of damage in the body is a process, requiring a search into your whole body. What factors effecting one person’s Telogen Effluvium may not effect another which is why some people recover quicker than others. Discovering these factors and triggers can make all the difference.

Here are 5 tips to stop the shedding and accelerate the hair regrowth process that you can start utilizing while you determine and eliminate the original trigger.