My answer to Can greying hair be reversed with copper supplementation?

Answer by Nature Crazy:

Yes, it can but keep in mind that factors effecting one person's greying hair may not effect another which is why some people reverse it and others do not. Discovering these factors and triggers can make all the difference. Every person has a unique set of problems, therefore which specific vitamins or compounds that will be most helpful can vary.

Maintaining hair color demands the ability to create the enzyme, tyrosinase which helps facilitate melanin’s relocation to the hair shaft which gives the hair its color
Copper can be helpful because it plays a key role in creating pigment in hair by allowing the production of tyrosinase. Copper is absolutely essential to this enzyme which then performs the critical function of oxidizing tyrosine into melanin.

Possible symptoms of a copper deficiency to look for include high blood sugar, low energy, anemia, and nerve problems. Because the correct zinc-to-copper ratio is 10:1, we recommend a balanced supplement containing both copper and zinc daily. If you want more information on a complete routine for reversing greying hair you can view our video here.…

Can greying hair be reversed with copper supplementation?